Mission Action Plan 2019 - 2023 

2018 saw a year-long consultation process , involving:

  • An Outreach Group and PCC review of the effectiveness of the 2017 church Festival
  • Presentations to both congregations on the process of developing the second MAP
  • An invitation to all church members to become involved, primarily by joining in a meeting led by Canon Bruce Gillingham on 29th April 2018
  • Coffee mornings with members of the church who were unable to attend that meeting
  • Discussions with Canon Charles Chadwick, the Diocesan Missioner

The results were assessed by the Outreach Group between April and August and final proposals put to the PCC in September 2018. 

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  1. A review of the principles for church growth agreed for the original MAP and their re-formulation
  2. What we were doing as a church at the start of the new MAP
  3. Guide to the MAP 2019 – 2023
  4. MAP Matrix :

                2019    [Initial Plan]
                2020    [Initial Plan]    [Review]
                2021    [Initial Plan]
                2022    [Initial Plan]    
                2023    [Initial Plan]
                2022-23 [Interim Plan]

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Lara Froud, 23/02/2020

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