Vision and Missionlighthouse fete 2017

The church we see is Christ Centred, Purpose Driven and People Empowering.

Our next MAP is now available - do speak to a member of the PCC or Outreach Committee if you would like to see it.

If you look at the Mission Action Plan (MAP) of the Church here (this is the version from 2014) you will be able to see that as a Church we have made progress on and completed most if not all of the ideas which were our aspirations in 2014.

The MAP finished with the extremely successful Festival Week in March 2017, for which enormous credit and thanks must go to Peter, the Chair of the Outreach Committee, David as vicar and all those who gave so much time, effort, energy and money to make it such an amazing success.

But - do take a moment to read the 2012-2017 MAP...and reflect on how far we have come as a Church and how much has been done, to the glory, praise and thanks to God revealed in Jesus Christ our Lord and in this place.

2014 MAP page 1

2014 MAP page 2

2014 MAP page 3

2014 MAP page 4