Nurse Joseph Our Church and Malawi

We have a real heart to support healthcare in Malawi! There is a huge need – 25% of children die before they are 5; the average life expectancy is under 40; malaria and AIDS are the biggest killers. So, what can we do?
We focus our efforts on 2 Christian hospitals (which offer care for all regardless of religious background) St Luke’s Hospital at Malindi and St Martin’s at Malosa on the lakeside. We have raised almost £50,000 over the last 12 years and made a real difference by buying new mattresses, building a home for 2 nurses, putting a student nurse through training, feeding school children in a period of famine and funding a solar energy installation for St Luke’s.
If you would like to know more about our fundraising or help support our events do please get in touch with me!
Peter Beer
01865 820805

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