Film Club 

On the second Friday of the month we have a free film evening in the Church Room.
We alternate between popular films and opera/musicals.
It starts at 7.15pm and there are free drinks and snacks.
It is open to everyone over 16 years.

Contact: Margo Evans or Peter Beer


14th Apr
    Pirates of Penzance
24th Mar
10th February
    Phantom of the Opera
13th January
   The Quartet with Maggie Smith, Tom Courtenay, Billy Connolly, Pauline Collis and Michael Gambon.


9th December       
    The Metropolitan Opera's Carmen with Jose Carreras and Agnes Baltsa
18th November   
    Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
14th October     
    The Mikado
23rd September   
    Ladies in Lavender


Old Events

March 13th              The Good Lie
A feel- good drama that is based on the true story of “The Lost Boys”. Orphaned by the brutal civil war in Sudan that began in 1983, these children travelled as many as a thousand miles on foot in search of safety. Fifteen years later, a humanitarian effort would bring 3600 lost boys and girls to America.
April 3rd                  The Inn of the Sixth Happiness
Alan Burgess’ novel, The Small Woman, was the source for the British/American production of Inn of the Sixth Happiness. Set in the China of the 1930’s the film stars Ingrid Bergman as the real life missionary, Gladys Aylward. Against the advice of practically everyone, Gladys heads into the war-ravaged interior to spread the Christian gospel.
May 15th                 Eddie the Eagle
Inspired by true events, Eddie the Eagle is the story of Michael “Eddie” Edwards an unlikely, but courageous, British ski jumper who never stopped believing in himself - even as an entire nation was counting him out. Eddie takes on the establishment and wins the hearts of sports fans around the world.
June 12th                Minority Report
Based on a short story by the late Philip K. Dick, this science fiction thriller stars Tom Cruise as John Anderton, a Washington D.C. detective in 2054 who works with a special unit of the police that arrests murderers before they have committed the actual crime. What happens when Anderton himself is identified as the future killer of a man he has never met?
July 10th                 Tortoise in Love
Needs no introduction! The film set in the village.
Aug 14th                 Seabiscuit
A sports drama about the legendary racehorse, Seabiscuit. The story centres around the three men who saw the famed horse to victory. An entrepreneur who owns the unlikely racehorse teams up with partially blind boxer`turned`jockey, Red Pollard, and horse trainer Tom Smith. Together they help in inspire a
downtrodden 1930’s America.
Sept 11th                 Erin Brockovich
Julia Roberts stars in this legal drama based on a true story of a woman who helped win the largest settlement ever paid in a direct-action lawsuit. After securing a job as a filing clerk she discovers a systematic cover-up of the industrial poisoning of a city’s water supply.
Oct 9th                    Selma
The film chronicles the tumultuous three month period in 1965 when Dr Martin Luther King Jr led a dangerous campaign to secure equal voting rights in the face of violent opposition. The epic march from Selma to Montgomery culminated in president Johnson signing the Voting Rights Act, one of the most significant victories for the civil rights movement.
Nov 13th                  The Green Book
When a bouncer from an Italian-American area in the Bronx, is hired to drive Dr Don Shirley, a world-class black pianist, on a concert tour from Manhattan to the Deep South, they must rely on “The Green Book” to guide them to the few establishments that were then safe for African-Americans. Confronted with racism, dangers, as well as an unexpected humanity and humour, they are forced to set aside differences to survive and thrive on a journey of a lifetime.
Dec 11th                  Christopher Robin
The young boy who loved embarking on adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood with a band of spirited and lovable stuffed animals has grown up and lost his way. Now it is up to his childhood friends to venture into our world and help Christopher Robin remember the loving and playful boy who is still inside.

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