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Women's Breakfast 4

On Sat 20th January, at the Wagon and Horses, 23 ladies gathered to listen to 
Natasha Anderson - who is in training to be a vicar at Wycliffe Hall. She spoke very well about women in leadership and what leadership means. An interesting discussion ensued. Thanks to Natasha and to Susan for organising the morning

Women's Breakfast womens breafast

The ‘Men’s Breakfast’ has been successful for many years and finally the women in the church decided that they would organise their own similar event.

There have been three very successful breakfasts so far and we aim to have a couple each year. The idea is to have a good breakfast, full English or Continental with fruit juice and tea or coffee which will be followed by a talk on a topic of general interest from a Christian point of view.

Currently we have been meeting on a Saturday morning at the Wagon and Horses in Southmoor; breakfast is served about 8:30 am and is followed by the talk and questions.  We aim to finish about 10:30 so that people can get back to their busy weekends. Up to now the cost has been in the region of £7.50.

For more information speak to Susan Green or Sue Weaving 

Women's Breakfast 1

The first one took place in July 2014 at the Wagon and Horses in Southmoor and now the event will become a fixture in our church’s calendar, with meetings a couple of times a year. We shall follow a similar format to the men; with the choice of a full English or continental breakfast with fruit juice and tea or coffee, followed by a talk looking at a topic of general interest from a Christian point of view.

Breakfast will be served at 8:30 am and we imagine that the talk and questions will be over between 10:30 am and 11:00 am leaving the rest of the day free for family activities.

For more information contact Susan Green  or Sue Weaving 

Women's Breakfast 2

It took a bit longer that we imagined to organise the second one, but we met again for a good breakfast in October 2016 with a talk from Susann Haehnel.

Susann is the Vocational Recruitment Manager at the Church Mission Society. In her role, she helps people discover and discern their sense of calling to mission. She trained as a youth and community worker, worked with a local church/ community managing their youth provision. For 8.5 years she worked with a gap year charity prior to joining CMS in 2015. Susann also does some teaching on various youth and Christian courses. Susann was born in former East Germany and regularly travels back to visit relatives including her nephew. She lives in Oxford, enjoys National Trusting, travel, spending time with God-children and good food.

Susann spoke about her work with the Church Mission Society and the role of mission today both at home and abroad and was happy to answer questions after her talk. There were 22 of us there on this occasion and we hope to have even more when we have the next one in the New Year.

For more information speak to Susan Green or Sue Weaving

Women's Breakfast 3

Our third breakfast took place on 18th February 2017 as part of the run up to the Festival.

Our speaker was our own Jackie Long, who told us about a difficult time in her life and how being a Christian supported her in the hard times. Don't think however that this was a solomn talk as she had us in fits of laughter as we heard about her attempts to make new friends and maybe meet the man of her dreams. There were stumbling blocks at the fencing school and some of the other things she tried, before embarking on Internet dating.  There were also pitfalls here and she found herself telling the people she met on line about Jesus, to help them sort themselves out rather that going on a date in some cases!

Finally after a few attempts she met Gary! And as they say the rest is history, however, when she showed us the outfit he arrived in for their first date you might have expected that she had to take a deep breath first.

It was very moving to hear how being a Christian really makes a difference in all aspects of your life.

For more information call Susan Green or Sue Weaving

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