Guide to the MAP 2019-2023 

Our Approach as in previous years is that everything we do is prayerful and that we continue to be open to new ideas and research best practice.
The plan is a living document which is intended to respond to changing circumstances in the church and community and to the ideas and aspirations of the whole congregation. The PCC therefore aims to review the Plan annually based on advice from the Outreach Group.
Activities have been categorised as the following:

  • MAP Activities: Specifically Mission orientated activities under the auspices of the Outreach Committee.
  • Supporting Church Activities: Those which would be occurring whether or not we as a church were being active in Mission. Outreach group may not necessary involved with the organisation or running of these activities. 

A priority has been allocated to activities in 2019 with those in future years yet to be agreed.

  1. Focus A priority activity for the year agreed by the Outreach committee
  2. Investigate - An activity which is aspirational, and investigation is needed. This research to happen in year mentioned to allow time and resource to be allocated in future years if agreed
  3. Maintain Activities which are already underway and although not a priority would have a detrimental impact if they were stopped now.

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Lara Froud, 23/02/2020

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