Recorded Stories and Action Songs for Kids 

Church people tell freshly recorded stories for your kids to enjoy. Click the links below for the different stories. Check back regularly for our latest updates. 

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The Invisible String

Gary's Quizzes

Quizzes - 30 Apr 2020
Three separate Quizzes. The first two are general, while the third asks whether various books are in the Old or New Testament. (For older children and adults.)

Gary's Stories

Gary's stories for St. John's Church in Carterton (Facebook).

Smiley the Clown (12 mins) - 1 May 2020
Karen learns an unusual secret about an old lady and it changes her life - a touching tale. Followed by a quiz.

Silver the Wolf (12 mins) - 1 May 2020
Silver uses his skills to rescue his friend. Followed by a quiz.

Amelie's loss (14 mins) - 1 May 2020
Amelie suffers an unbearable loss.  Followed by a quiz. (For younger children.)

Zacchaeus (11mins) - 27 Apr 2020
A tax collector who had a life-changing encounter with Jesus. Followed by a quiz.

Albrecht Durer (11 mins) - 27 Apr 2020
A story about sacrifice, followed by a quiz. (For older children.)

Friendship (13 mins) - 24 Apr 2020
Two stories: The first about Lucy Rose, her pony and a new friend; the second, a Bible story about Jesus healing a paralysed man. Followed by a quiz. (For younger children.)

Together (7 mins) - 23 Apr 2020
Two stories: The first, how a flock of doves work together; the second, about building bridges to bring people together (the latter brought tears to my eyes).

Easter (9 mins) - 19 Apr 2020
Gary explains the Easter story, as never before done … using a set of eggs. A must-watch !

Captain Blandford (12 mins) - 15 Apr 2020
Captain Blandford is tested. Followed by a quiz. (For older children.)

Resilience (11 mins) - 15 Apr 2020
Two stories about resilience: the first, fictional, about a frog who nearly comes to a creamy end (for younger children). The second, about William Wilberforce, who ensured the abolition of the slave trade in Britain. 

John Newton (9 mins) - 15 Apr 2020
The true story of the man who wrote "Amazing Grace". (For older children.) 

Hopeful the Frog (9 mins) - 15 Apr 2020
Hopeful imagines he is in a fairy story … will a princess rescue the pond creatures from disaster? Followed by a quiz. (For younger children.)

Harry the Dog (9 mins) - 15 Apr 2020
Harry learns the importance of a bath and a valuable lesson. Followed by a quiz. (For younger children.)

Doubting Thomas (5 mins) - 13 Apr 2020
Bible story about an encounter with Jesus, just after the Resurrection.

Perseverance (9 mins) - 14 Apr 202
Two stories about perseverance: the first, fictional, about a young man called Ted Stallad; the second, true, about the deaf surfer, Derek Rabelo.

Inspiration (13 mins) - 13 Apr 2020
Four inspirational stories: 1) Elephants, 2) Glenn Cunningham, the runner, 3) Roger Crawford, the disabled tennis player, 4) Eddie the "Rabbit". The last story is suitable for younger children.

Daniel and Friends (17 mins) - 13 Apr 2020
Two Bible stories, followed by a quiz. 

Snooty Fox (13 mins ) - 9 Apr 2020
Fun story about the Animal Football League, follow by a quiz and a short Bible story. (For younger children.)

The Prophets' Competition (14 mins) - 9 Apr 2020
Bible story about Elijah and the prophets of Baal, followed by a quiz.

George Foreman (10 mins|) - 8 Apr 2020
The former world heavy-weight champion. (For older children.)

Dusty the Wonder Dog (15 mins) - 8 Apr 2020
Fun story about a smart dog. (For younger children.)

Fantastic Fox (15 mins) - suitable for Palm Sunday

Deck of Cards (5 mins)

The Two Bears (20 mins)

The Auction (6 mins)

The Wall (12 mins)

Gary Songs

Action Songs  (12 mins)

Anne Curtis, 26/03/2020

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