Gary's Sermons and Talks

Gary was our Children and Families work for five years. From 1 May 2020, Gary has been working at St. John's, Carterton.
You can catch up with Gary's new stories at: Gary's stories for St. John's Church in Carterton (Facebook).

Links to some of Gary's recorded talks:
  • First talk at Carterton (Word) - 7 May 2020
  • Gary's last Sunday Service (video, audio), including interview with Gary - 26 Apr 2020. Gary's talk is complemented by 
    • "Are the Gospels reliable?" (video)
    • "Can we be sure Jesus was really dead?" (video)
  • Thoughts on Holy Week (video

Gary's stories and songs for children and for adults, including Gary's wonderful telling of the Easter story using eggs.

Stephen Haywood, 04/05/2020