Lord, Teach Us to Pray 

These are short recorded prayers, arranged by topic. When you have a five minute space in your day, you might like to use one of these prayers to help you connect with God in prayer. Or make a sequence of prayers using a selection of three or four prayers. Do check back often as this page is being updated regularly.

Each prayer has TWO versions - the top one is usually audio-only and the lower one has video as well.

The video prayers may take a few minutes to download, but this is worth the wait! You will be able to see the words of the prayer (or occasionally the person praying it!).

Clicking on the red name of the prayer should open the link. If not, contact Anne on commssjbchurch@gmail.com (also for if you have a prayer you would like recorded, or to send in a recording)

Prayers for the World and Governments
Prayer for Justice
Prayer for Our Politicians and Prime Minister

Prayers about the Virus
Archbishop's Prayer about the Outbreak
Prayer for the Country During Lockdown
Prayer for Medical Staff
Archbishop's Prayer For Hospital Staff, Care Home Workers and Medical Researchers

Prayers for Ourselves
Prayer at the Start of the Day
Prayer for Animals (for my pet)
Prayer for Feeling Joyful 
Prayer for Getting On with Other People
Prayer for Me and My Parents
Prayer for Living In Anxious Times
Archbishop's Prayer About Helping Others

A Disciple's Prayer
Prayer of Dedication

Prayer for Others
Prayer for my Family and Friends
Archbishop's Prayer for the Isolated

Prayers for The Sick and the Bereaved
Archbishop's Prayer for Those Who Are Ill
Prayer for Those Who Mourn
Prayer for Those Who have Died

Famous Prayers 
The Lord's Prayer
Psalm 23
Prayer of Martin Luther
Prayer of St Augustine
Prayer of St Teresa of Avila

How to Pray
Prayer from the Heart

Other Websites for Prayers
There are many great prayer resources on the internet. Here are some links to other prayer sites:

Church Of England Prayer Resources
24-7 Prayer International | Coronavirus: How to Respond
Christian Aid Coronavirus Prayers
Thy Kingdom Come - global prayer for Evangelism, and the Digital Family Prayer Map