Things to do in the garden... 

Build a bug hotel
Choose a place in sunlight or light shade. Use whatever is lying around: old plant stems, pine cones, bits of bark. A roof of tiles will keep things dry. Frogs, ladybirds and other insects will love it. The RSPB website has some great ideas and resources to help.
Chalk Pictures
Have fun with chalk 


How many constellations can you see - the sky is so clear at the moment. Download a star-gazing app (Sky view lite is a good one, shows you the planets and where the constellations are)

Scavenger Hunt
Go Outdoors - have produced a scavenger hunt for the garden or they have lots of colouring pages and puzzles on their website

Painting stones
You don’t need any special paints, just normal kiddie paints will work fine!

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Make a time capsule and bury in the garden
You can include all different things from pictures, newspaper articles, toys, letters. 


Nature sketching
Sketch and really study something that interest you. A flower, feather or bird etc. Try to study it up close and draw pictures of all the parts and try to name them all.


Obstacle course
You can create obstacles out of so many household and garden items. Just make sure it is age appropriate and safe! Do timed challenges of the course!

Make a fairy garden or dinosaur garden
Use an old flower pot, seed tray or any plastic tray or box. An alternative to this is to make a dinosaur garden. Use assorted pebbles and stones to decorate, create different hills and mounds and make your dinosaurs feel at home.

dinosaur gardenfairy garden

Make petal perfume
There are some great videos on youtube on how to do this

Junk modelling
If space allows, make a boat or pirate ship with your junk boxes!

Garden Art
Get an old bedsheet or similar, gather a load of leaves, sticks, twigs and whatever you can find and create a piece of art.