Have you got children that you would like to bring to church? The Space is our programme just for kids!



During regular Sunday services ( except for ALL AGE), children come with their families to the first part of the service and then leave with their leaders to go through to the Church room where the Space operates. Here the children have fun exploring the Bible and enjoy a wonderful range of crafts, games, drama and activities. All are tailored to be faithful to the Christian faith and relevant to the childrens' lives as they grow in their own love and understanding of God. We enjoy songs, games, quizzes and discussions in which we explore what the Bible means for children in the 21st Century. There is a chance for delicious snacks and a soft drink before the parents rejoin us for coffee.
The children are encouraged to get involved as much as possible in the planning of topics for the Space and in selecting the project for which they raise money. Currently they are saving to send a child to school through the charity World Vision.
Parents are entirely free to drop in as and when they like and to come with their child or leave them in our care as they like. All our leaders are experienced with children and are DBS checked ( see Child Protection Policy)
If you have any questions about the programmes or want to know more about bringing your kids along on a Sunday then please contact Rebecca 820451.

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