Film Club Dates

Here are the upcoming films and dates for your diary.

July 13th                    A Street Cat Named Bob  
Based on a true story, London busker and recovering drug addict, James Bowen, played by Luke Treadaway, finds injured street cat Bob in his sheltered accommodation. He has no idea how much his life is about to change. A ‘feel good’ film!
August 10th              Schindler’s List
Steven Spielberg brought this previously untold story to the screen in 1993. Businessman Oskar Schindler arrives in Krakow in 1939, ready to make his fortune from World War 2, which had just started. After joining the Nazi party he staffs his factory with Jewish workers. When the SS begins exterminating Jews in the Krakow ghetto, Schinder arranges to have his workers protected to keep his factory in operation, but soon realises the implications of doing this.
September 14th      Dead Poet’s Society
This drama features a new English teacher, played by Robin Williams, being introduced to an all- boys preparatory school that is known for its ancient traditions and high standards. He uses unorthodox methods to reach out to students, who face enormous pressures from parents and the school. With help, students learn to break out of their shells, pursue their dreams and seize the day.
October 12th           Unbroken
As a boy, Louis “Louie” Zamperini is always in trouble, but with the help of his older brother, he turns his life around and channels his energy into running, later qualifying for the 1936 Olympics. When war breaks out, he enlists in the military. After his plane crashes, he survives adrift in the Pacific before being captured by the Japanese and sent to a POW camp where he becomes a target of a cruel prison commander. Directed by Angelina Jolie.
November 9th          The Theory of Everything
In the 1960s, Cambridge University student Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne) falls in love with a fellow student, Jane Wilde (Felicity Jones). At 21, Hawking learns he has motor neurone disease. Despite this, with Jane by his side, he begins an ambitious study of Time, of which he has very little left, according to his doctor. He and Jane defy the odds and break new ground in the fields of medicine and science, achieving more than either of them could hope to imagine.
December 14th        It’s a Wonderful Life
George Bailey has so many problems he is thinking about ending his life – and it’s Christmas! As the angels discuss George, we see his life in flashback. He is about to jump from a bridge but ends up rescuing his guardian angel who then shows George what his town would have been like if it hadn’t been for all his good deeds over the years.