big breakfast9.00 Holy Communion Service 

The nine o'clock service of Holy Communion gives us an opportunity to start the week with God.  It is a quiet contemplative time when we celebrate Holy Communion in the Traditional Language following the Book of Common Worship of the Church of England.

The form of the service includes confession of our shortcomings and the assurance of God's forgiveness. We hear brief passages from the Bible, and with the help of a short homily consider how we can apply it to our everyday lives. Together we join in the celebration of Holy Communion, when we remember Christ's death for us on the cross.

The service is open to anyone. If you do not wish to receive communion you are welcome to join in the service and receive a blessing. Afterwards we meet for a friendly cup of coffee and go home strengthened for the week ahead. Once or twice a year we all meet for a full English Breakfast after the service.